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Brand Identity
Strategy, Art Direction
As the Director of User Experience Design, I led the team's Stage 1 rebranding for Opternative, a mid-stage startup that had been in the market for five years.
The Problem
Getting a prescription online for glasses and contact lenses was a new concept that hadn't yet earned consumer trust. Patients were used to going to the doctor and taking exams in person, but they weren't sure if they could trust an eye test administered online to give them accurate results.
At the same time, eliminating the need to physically visit an optometrist for annual eye exams was a threat to traditional healthcare providers and a disruption to their business model.
The Solution
Earn patient trust by emphasizing the cutting-edge science behind Opternative's core product, the vision test. Do this by talking about the technology in language that's friendly and accessible, highlighting the doctors who developed the test, our credentials, and the hundreds of thousands of people who have been happy with their doctor-issued prescriptions.
Earn industry trust by actively seeking to partner with both traditional providers and online retailers, positioning our company as complimentary rather than antagonistic.
Opternative Brand Message
Physician-guided, innovative eye care solutions powered by cutting-edge technology with a human touch.
We’re connectors - we bring every piece of the eye care ecosystem together. We work with doctors to provide accessible, affordable solutions to make both patients’ and business partners’ lives easier.
We are socially responsible: We act with honesty and integrity, and we will always choose patient care over profit. Our first and foremost duty is to our patients.

Patients: We take your health seriously. See well. Feel well.
Retail Partners and Eye Care Professionals (ECPs): We care about your business and your patients. We listen, and we’re agile; we move quickly to meet your needs.
Opternative Brand Story
We remove barriers.
Each year, fewer than half of US adults get vision screenings or eye exams due to barriers to access like time, cost, and inconvenience. Over 50 million adults have not had an exam in the past two years, and millions have never had an eye exam. This can lead to trouble reading, driving, and doing other important daily activities.
Opternative started in 2012 with the premise that consumers need increased access to vision tests. Patients need and want to take vision tests that complement their regular eye health exams on a more frequent basis; as more and more of our lives move online, remote vision tests naturally become a key component to solving that need. To date, we’ve helped increase access and service to hundreds of thousands of patients through our patented technology.
We work with eye care professionals to increase access to high-quality, patient-centered care; at the same time, we empower consumers with our physician-reviewed prescription renewal technology.
We help the world see well and feel well.
Key Differentiators
Proven Technology Developed by Doctors
Our vision test was developed by an optometrist, and every single prescription we issue is reviewed by a physician. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of patients access valid prescriptions through our patented technology.
Awesome Patient Experience
We make complicated medical tools easy to use and understand.
We bring all the pieces of the eye care ecosystem together.
Industry-Leading Information and Data Management
We’re a leader in all aspects of vision care information and data management - from security to retrieval - for patients, retailers, and providers.
We Care
Every person on our team cares about meeting your needs, whether you’re a patient, provider, or partner. We listen. We respond quickly. And we’re passionate about reducing barriers to vision care.
Value Proposition
We will empower you to take more control of your eye health. We know you have many demands on your time and resources. So we will serve you anywhere, anytime, for a reasonable cost. See well. Feel well.
Retail Partners
Opternative drives business growth by augmenting your native e-commerce experience. We provide an anywhere, anytime vision prescription that drives revenue through increased e-commerce conversions and customer engagement.
Eye Care Providers (ECPs)
Opternative builds your practice by bringing your office online. We provide a vision test and tools that allow you to service patients anytime, anywhere. Bring in new patients, deepen your connection with existing patients, and ultimately increase your revenue.  
Brand Character
Our work is driven by cutting-edge science and technology. We are proud of our expertise and our credentials, and we’re constantly innovating to stay on the forefront of eye care.
We truly want what is best for our patients and our partners. We’re friendly, with substance. We’re easy to work with, and our tone is conversational - we bring a human touch to technology.
We believe in our mission to empower patients, create awesome experiences, and make eye care accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
We believe in patients over profit. We care about their health and well-being. We also hold ourselves accountable and comply with all government regulations and legal requirements.
We listen and respond immediately to needs. We’re not a corporate behemoth with static inertia - we move quickly.
We’re on the forefront of technology - we’re innovative and creative. We don’t follow the crowd - we lead.
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