Looking for a speaker for your conference or organization? I bring an extensive knowledge of design and front-end development, but more importantly, I understand communication, adaptability, and how to get the awesome things we build in front of actual, live humans.
When I'm not doing tech, I work professionally as a performer. So I want audience members and participants to experience delight, to think about something in a new way, and be able to use this new knowledge immediately. Expect a workshop or presentation that people may remember years later.
Favorite topics:
     - Tech and creativity
     - Building diverse communities
     - UX/design for software engineers
     - Design for social good

Selected Talks and panels

C2E2 – Chicago, IL
"These Geeks Fight Fascism" – March 2020
Lookingglass Theatre – Chicago, IL
"REFLECT: Universal Design" – Jan. 2020
!!Con – New York City, NY
"Musician Experiments: I Fed a Bot My Songs and Asked It to Write More" – May 2019
Design Museum Foundation – Chicago, IL
"Unite: Design for Social Activism" – Feb. 2017
Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) – Chicago, IL
"Nonprofit Marketing and IT Teams: An Unlikely Yet Potent Collaboration" – Feb. 2017
DePaul University – Chicago, IL
"Critical Engagement with Fandom" – Nov. 2015
Moraine Valley College’s Graphic Novel Symposium – Palos Hills, IL
"Generation Next: How to Keep Nerd Communities Growing" – Oct. 2015
University of Chicago – Chicago, IL
"What Does it Mean to Be a Geek?" – April 2014
ORD Camp – Chicago, IL
"How to Teach a Wookiee to Bellydance" – Jan. 2014
Dawn onstage at !!Con in NYC. She is sitting at a keyboard (instrument) with a large screen behind her that reads: "Dawn's Rules for Writing with a Bot."
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